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Member of the Steering Committee of IDEAS conference (International Database Applications & Engineering Symposium).

Associate Editor of Frontiers in Research Metrics and Analytics, specialty section "Research Assessment".

11/2021, Published Journal Paper
Stoupas G., Sidiropoulos A., Katsaros D. and Manolopoulos Y.: "When Universities Rise (Rank) High into the Skyline", COLLNET Journal of Scientometrics & Information Management, pages 18, Nov 2021.

Program Co-chair of the 8th International Conference on Mining Intelligence & Knowledge Exploration (MIKE), Biarritz, France, 1-3 Nov 2021.

General Co-chair of the 13th International Conference on Management of Digital EcoSystems (MEDES), Biarritz, France, 1-3 Nov 2021.

General Co-chair of the 22nd International Conference on Web Information Systems Engineering (WISE), Melbourne, Australia, 26-29 Oct 2021. 

9/2021, Published Invited Conference Paper
Symeonidis P., Chaltsev D., Zanker M. and Manolopoulos Y.: "News Recommendations by Combining Intra-session, with Inter-session and Content-based Probabilistic Modelling" (invited), Proceeding 13th International Conference on Computational Collective Intelligence Technologies & Application (ICCCI'2021), Rhodos, Greece, Sept 2021.

9/2021, Invited Talk
Workshop on Data Management in Connected Environments for Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection (DMCESE'2021), Panama City, Panama, 16-17 Sept 2021.

9/2021, Published Edited Book
Manolopoulos Y. and Vergoulis A. (eds.): "Predicting the Dynamics of Research Impact", Springer, 2021.

9/2021, Published Journal Paper
Berbague C., Karabadji N., Seridi H., Symeonidis P., Manolopoulos Y. and Dhifli W.: "An Overlapping Clustering Approach for Precision, Diversity and Novelty-aware Recommendations", Expert Systems with Applications, Vol.177, Sept 2021.