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General co-chair of the collocated 27th International Database Engineered Application Symposium (IDEAS) and the 15th International Conference on Management of Digital Ecosystems (MEDES), Heraklion, Greece, May 2023. 

11/2022, journal paper
Chbeir R., Manolopoulos Y., Mizera-Pietraszko J. and Sioutas S: Special Issue on Real-Time Intelligent Systems, Big Data Research, Vol.30, 100349, Nov 2022. 

11/2022, conference paper
Polatidis N., Kapetanakis S., Pimenidis E. and Manolopoulos Y.: "Fast and Accurate Evaluation of Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithms", Proceedings 14th Asian Conference on Intelligent Information & Database Systems (ACIIDS), pp.623-634, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Nov 2022. 

General Co-chair of the 23rd International Conference on Web Information Systems (WISE), Biarritz, France, November, 2022.

Program Co-chair of the 14th International Conference on Management of Digital Ecosystems (MEDES), Venice, Italy, October, 2022.

5/2022, Journal Paper
Akriditis L., Fevgas A., Bozanis P. and Manolopoulos Y.: "An Unsupervised Distance-Based Model for Weighted Rank Aggregation with List Pruning", Expert Systems with Applications, Vol.202, 117435, 2022 .

General Co-chair of the 14th International Conference on Computational Collective Intelligence (ICCCI), Hammamet, Tunisia, September 2022.

8/2022, Journal Paper
Sassi S., Ivanovic M., Chbeir R., Prasath P. and Manolopoulos Y.: "Collective intelligence and knowledge exploration: an introduction", International Journal of Data Science and Analytics, Vol.14, No.2, pp.99-111, 2022.

Translation into Greek of the book "The Age of Algorithms" by Serge Abiteboul and Gilles Dowek, Crete University Press

PC Co-chair of the 16th International Conference on INnovations in Intelligent SysTems and Applications (INISTA), Biarritz, France , August 2022.

6/2022, Academia Europaea
Elected Member of the Section of Informatics.